Call of juarez
1. Respect Other Players
2. Be Active in the Clan
3. Play fair (NO CHEATING!)
4. Follow the rules, and have fun

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=FBI=clan NEVER use cheats or other codes!!!
Do not believe people, who say, that =FBI=clan is cheating...that is not true!
This people just envies our skills.

Hi COJ players...Please be careful. There are a lot of fake =FBI= players on COJ. These players who are sometimes chaters or teamkillers are not ours. These players just make bad reputation to =FBI=clan. If you will see one of them, please contact us. Thanks

  Let me welcome all FBI members which representing our clan. Please don't forget to keep checking the Website that you are always  informed about the new Tournament. Sometimes it happens that the opponent is online but no one is there from our team, or some of you just leave during the game. If you know that you cant make it in the scheduled time just let me know and I will try to arrange another one. If someone would like to join the game during the running Tournament in 4vs4 or 3vs3 game, please stay connected and wait, don't jump straight to game. Lets play fair. You can join the game in case of same reason by opponent (adding player) or simply when someone from our team just leave the game. Don't let it come to situation for example that we will have 5 teammates in game and opponent only 3.
On the website Call of Juarez Chat: Please write down here when you would like to join the game, or use this for any comments and questions.
During the training there will be server =FBI=T with password FBIT. Please join the training if possible so we can synchronize us as a team.

Vítam hracov FBI, ktorí reprezentuju nas klan. Prosim vas ked dohodnem nejaky Turnaj tak sledujte stranku nech viete o tom. Stáva sa, že  protihraci su tam a nas team tam nieje, alebo pocas Turnaja idete prec. Pokial nemozete hrat v dohodnutom termine,  dajte vediet a skúsim dohodnút iný termín.Ked bude Turnaj a niekto sa pripojí na server a budeme hrat 4 vs4 alebo 3 vs 3, tak nech zostane pripojený nech nejde do hry . Nech hrame ferovo. Ked sa k nim pripoji niekto alebo sa niekto odpoji od nas tak potom sa pripojis do hry. Takze budes cakat aka bude situacia nech sa nestane ze budeme my 5 a oni 3 . Na stranke Call of Juarez pod Chat : tam napiste prosim ci budete hrat alebo nie. Alebo co chcete vediet taktiez aj vase  pripomienky.A ked bude trening tak bude server =FBI=T a heslo FBIT chodievajte tam nech sa rozohrajeme ako team .
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